Why Choose

Ubiz for taxi hire

Working Ladies Corporate cab is a Kinshasa based all female owned and operated Cab Company aiming to provide High value transportation services to the growing niche of local middle to upper class and international residents of Kinshasa. Our mission is to provide a reliable, timely, and safe cab transportation system to customers by using a complete model for payment via cash, in-car debit card and membership registration. The company will use cutting edge technology to coordinate activities through a computer-aided dispatch monitoring system, which is the first of its kind in the DRC.

  • Latest Technology
  • High-Grade Efficiency
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Advanced Driver Training
  • Membership Offers
  • Our Mission

    Empower Women Through Transportation and Be “Pioneers in Passenger Transport Services”

  • Our Vision

    WLC mission is to provide a cab transportation service to a customer that is reliable, timely, and safe.

Our Features

  • Smart Phone App Convenient app booking on your iPhone and Android
  • Free WiFi Stay connected with our on-board wifi hotspot
  • Chargers and Outlets We carry iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S and Android/Blackberry chargers for your convenience.
  • Tablets Our Tablet is connected to the Internet and has a myriad of apps so that you can multitask while you ride.
  • Bottle Water/Juice Enjoy a refreshing bottle of water or Juice on certain rides or according to your status in our loyalty program.